Many people have questions about the process of christian counseling. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What populations do you work with?
We work with adults, individuals, and couples. We also are specialized to work closely with Veterans from all services, peacetime and combat. 

How does counseling work?
People seek counseling for many different reasons: a crisis, a loss, a major life change, to sort things out, to have a happier life, or to improve relationships. Counseling begins with an initial meeting with the therapist to gather information and history in order to develop a plan to meet each individual’s/family’s needs. Counseling may include individual, and/or group sessions.

How long does it take?
Each session lasts typically 45 to 50 minutes. Your therapist will establish with you a regular schedule based on your specific need. A person may come to counseling once or twice or may choose to continue counseling until they have met their goals for life improvement.

How much does counseling cost?
Each 45 to 50 minute individual session cost is on a sliding scale based on counselee’s gross income. The fee will be collected at the start of each session. Our groups are typically $40 per session.

Will what I share be kept private?
All of your conversations are completely confidential (except where mandated otherwise by law, as in the case of child and/or elder abuse or imminent danger to yourself or others).

Do you offer services to teenagers and/or children?
No. Individual sessions with teenagers or children are not offered at this time.

How many counseling sessions will I need?
The number of sessions depends on several factors, including but not limited to the goals for therapy, the severity of the issues encountered, and of course, the client’s willingness to actively participate.

What if I have to cancel my counseling session?
There is no charge for any session canceled 24 or more hours prior to the scheduled time. However, sessions canceled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged according to the sliding scale fee established for your individual session.

Will my insurance company pay for counseling?
Many insurance plans reimburse for some portion of psychotherapy. Please direct questions about reimbursement amounts and timeliness to your insurance company. At the time of the appointment, and upon request, we will provide a counseling service receipt that may be submitted for reimbursements. Please note that we do not complete any insurance paperwork.

Why Don’t You Accept Insurance?
Choice: YOU and your therapist are in charge of goals, length of treatment, and therapeutic choices.
Savings: YOU pay less because we do not spend valuable hours on insurance paperwork.
Privacy: Insurance requires diagnosis to authorize treatment. These negative labels can follow a client through life and interfere with insurability later. Your files are NOT shared with anyone.

What are your hours?
We have daytime and evening appointments available depending on your desires and therapist availability. Email us at [email protected] for appointment availability or other information.

How do I start counseling?
Simply contact us and we will contact you to discuss an appropriate schedule for your first appointment. Please read, print and sign the Confidentiality page and complete the Personal Data Form prior to your first appointment.

What areas do you generally serve?
75701, 75702, 75703, 75704, 75705, 75706, 75707, 75708, 75709, 75710, 75711, 75712, 75713 Tyler, TX
75750 Arp, TX
75752 Athens, TX
75754 Ben Wheeler, TX
75756 Brownsboro, TX
75757 Bullard, TX
75758 Chandler, TX
75759 Cuney, TX
75762 Flint, TX
75763 Frankston, TX
75766 Jacksonville, TX
75770 Larue, TX
75771 Lindale, TX
75778 Murchison, TX
75779 Neches, TX
75780 New Summerfield, TX
75782 Poynor, TX
75789 Troup, TX
75791 Whitehouse, TX

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